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MainWindow Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void checkForModules ()
 MainWindow (BaseObjectType *cobject, const Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Glade::Xml > &x)
void onChangeCombine ()
void onChangeRemoteAccess ()
void onChangeRtpReceive ()
void onChangeRtpSend ()
void onChangeZeroconfDiscover ()
void onCloseButtonClicked ()
void onGConfChange (const Glib::ustring &key, const Gnome::Conf::Value &value)
void readFromGConf ()
void updateSensitive ()
void writeToGConfCombine ()
void writeToGConfRemoteAccess ()
void writeToGConfRtpReceive ()
void writeToGConfRtpSend ()
void writeToGConfZeroconfDiscover ()

Static Public Member Functions

static MainWindowcreate ()

Public Attributes

Gtk::CheckButton * anonymousAuthCheckButton
Gtk::Button * closeButton
Gtk::CheckButton * combineCheckButton
Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Conf::Client > gconf
bool ignoreChanges
Gtk::CheckButton * remoteAccessCheckButton
bool remoteAvailable
Gtk::CheckButton * rtpLoopbackCheckButton
Gtk::RadioButton * rtpMikeRadioButton
Gtk::RadioButton * rtpNullSinkRadioButton
Gtk::CheckButton * rtpReceiveCheckButton
bool rtpRecvAvailable
bool rtpSendAvailable
Gtk::CheckButton * rtpSendCheckButton
Gtk::RadioButton * rtpSpeakerRadioButton
Gtk::EventBox * titleEventBox
bool zeroconfDiscoverAvailable
Gtk::CheckButton * zeroconfDiscoverCheckButton
bool zeroconfPublishAvailable
Gtk::CheckButton * zeroconfPublishCheckButton

Detailed Description

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